Sunday, July 6, 2008


My name is tom :)
Im a YT dubber :)
Yes im a boy lol
Im in love with h!p akb48 SweetS and im getting into JE lol ok that was what was realeased :)
it was horrible i critisized myself so bad when it was done that i gave up on music and i even got myself sick over it :( O.o lol
but this is what it was b4
i sang lower :)
and i thought i should go up the octave lol but this was the original
BUT now im in HelloProjectFanfics and another one... not sure yet though
and ive released a redo of my onna ni sachi are.
and now i have my own account on youtube again.
ive released a song so far and an audition and yuke yuke monkey dance close up vers.
id like to sing with some other people though as well
so please let me know if you have a spot open in ur project for a male singer who sings lower . or if you just want to dub with me :)
PLEASE lol il do anything
also i hav a vocal coach now so theres no getting worse lol hahah
maybe deeper. but no haha
ALSO i share a bday with marimari99 and JPNSinger101 :)
my FAVORITE h!p girls are Kamei Eri Chisato Okai and Chinami Tokunaga :)
they all have voices that should be up front :)
so ummm yea


Anonymous said...

Heey!! This is Sakura! (leader of KLP)
I'm really fine with you being in KLP, but I don't think high vocals suit you. Do you know EE Jump songs? I think you and I can dub EE Jump songs in KLP (like Ikina Rhythm)
If you don't know EE Jump, a brief outline: It's an idol group formed by Goto Yuki (Gomaki's bro) and Sonim, produced (grudgingly) by Tsunku. Their songs are weird, funny, and very catchy.
And by the way, Sammy's a BOY. Not a girl.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.You were FirstBoyDubber. Not to be an asshole, but you sounded MUCH better than sukiukirakugan. =/ I can't wait to see what you do, your voice has really improved.